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How It Works


Seeking Capital?

  • Register your Sploda Profile and complete the Diligence Survey.
  • Your Sploda Score and Diligence Summary will be automatically sent to you.


  • You will be instantly matched with verified Investors seeking your company’s unique profile and attributes.


  • You will be notified each time your company is matched with an Investor.



Who Has Access to My Data?

Only verified Investors and Investment Firms who have selected criteria matching your investment opportunity will receive your Diligence Summary Report. We personally verify each investor to validate their eligibility to receive company reports and to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. NONE of your data is publicly available and cannot be searched on the internet.

Our Promise:

Sploda acknowledges and shares the concerns about the universal right to privacy and anonymity. We promise to never sell, share, or distribute your personal information or company data without your prior approval.

Ever. Period.

You can read our privacy policy here.

If you would like to speak with us directly about any questions, concerns or any ideas about how to better protect these fundamental rights, please call 1.604.839.5313 anytime.

Can I Update My Data?

We encourage you to update your data all the time.

Sploda will update Investors of your progress, chart your growth, and use your most recent data to match with potential Investors.

How Much Does It Cost?

The SPLODA Score, Diligence Summary Report and connection service is 100% free. Click here to create your account in seconds!

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