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Number of Investor/Company Matches Completed Since May 2018:

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Investor Network Assets Under Management:
More than $22 Billion

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Sploda Connects

Investors and Investment Opportunities

Using Data, Not Dreams.

The Process:

  • Investors complete a Sploda Investment Criteria Survey    (approximately 3 minutes).
  • Companies Seeking Capital complete a Sploda Due Diligence Survey (approximately 30 minutes).

And then the magic happens…

Sploda analyzes the diligence data for every investment opportunity using algorithms that make NASA jealous.

Sploda then generates a Diligence Summary Report including:

  • A snapshot of the investment opportunity
  • An overall Sploda Score
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Marketplace benchmarking
  • Business category scoring
  • Financial snapshot  (when financials are available)
  • Discounted cash flow statement (when financials are available)

When a Company’s diligence data matches an Investor’s desired criteria:

  • The matched Investor automatically receives a copy of the Company’s Sploda Diligence Summary.
  • The Company is automatically notified that an Investor match has been made.

It is up to the Investor to contact the Company directly if they would like to continue their own diligence process.

The Goal: Sploda’s goal is to become the global leader for connecting Investors to Investment Opportunities.cv

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