How Matching Works

How Sploda’s Proprietary Matching Algorithm Works

When a Company registers on Sploda they complete a due diligence survey (approximately 20-30 minutes). Their due diligence data is automatically analyzed by Sploda’s proprietary software, awarded an overall Sploda Score and a Sploda due diligence summary report is generated. 

Companies are encouraged to update their Sploda due diligence survey whenever new data is available; each updated submission automatically generates an updated due diligence summary report and a new round of Investor matching is triggered when material changes are logged.


When an Investor registers on Sploda they complete a “target investment criteria” survey (approximately 5 minutes).

Sploda’s proprietary software captures each Investor’s “target investment criteria” and tests it against Sploda’s global database of Companies’ due diligence. 

For each Company matched with an Investor, Sploda calculates an overall “percentage match” score capturing the percentage of Investor’s criteria matched with each Companies’ due diligence data.

Investors can change their desired “percentage match” minimum anytime. A high “percentage match” will result in extremely precise filtering of investment opportunities; a low “percentage match” threshold will enable Investors to review a greater number of investment opportunities.

Investors can also set a minimum Sploda Score requirement. When this threshold is set, the Investor will only see Companies that have an overall Sploda Score equal to or higher than the Investor’s selection.

Investors can also request to have any of their target criteria be “Mandatory”. This means that they will not match with a Company unless their mandatory criteria has been met. At this time, Investors must contact Sploda to have the Mandatory Match feature activated.

Investors can update their investment survey as often as they like; Sploda initiates a new round of matching each time an updated survey is submitted.

Companies and Investors are notified of their matches by email. These matches can also be reviewed via their Dashboard menu

Investors can also use their Dashboard menu to access and speed read all of their matched Company’s “elevator pitches” and offer anonymous feedback/comments to the company.

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