Thanks! Your Sploda Due Diligence Submission is Confirmed.

Thanks! Your Sploda Due Diligence Submission is Confirmed.

You will receive an email containing your Sploda report shortly. If you have selected to be matched with investors, that will begin immediately and you will be notified once matches are made.


How to improve your chances of success with Sploda:

Please update your profile and diligence data each time there is a material change to your last submission.

Examples include:

  • Updated financials
  • Investors confirmed for your current raise
  • New contracts signed
  • New assets secured
  • Etc

Sploda will update your current (and all future) matched investors of your progress, chart your growth, and use your updates to promote urgency on the investor’s part.

What’s next?

  • You will receive an email notification each time you are matched with an investor.
  • This means that an investor has been sent a PDF copy of your Sploda Diligence Summary because they selected investment criteria that matches your unique offer.
  • This notification is intended to give you confidence that your company and investment offer are receiving traction.
  • Your information is NOT searchable by any investors.

It is up to the investor to contact you directly to continue their own diligence process.

  • Typically, an investor will explain that they were introduced to your company via Sploda and have already reviewed your Sploda Diligence Summary.
  • They will now incorporate you into their own diligence process.
  • This is intended to be the highest quality introduction to an investor that you could receive because the investor is already into their second round of diligence!
  • It is up to you to work directly with the investor moving forward, just as you would with any other investor relationship.

Please note:

  • Watch for an increase in views on your LinkedIn profiles from investors and investment firms.

If you have any additional questions or feedback please email: or call 1.604.839.5313 anytime.

Best Regards from the Sploda Team

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