What We Do

Sploda connects Companies to Investors efficiently and inexpensively.

For Companies:

  • Raising capital (debt or equity)
  • For sale
  • Who want to see how they score compared to their competitors

For Investors:

  • Seeking investment opportunities
  • Seeking companies to buy
  • Seeking syndicated investment opportunities


Using proprietary software, Sploda automates the process of primary due diligence. Sploda ensures companies are matched with investors quickly.

The Process:

  • Investors complete a Sploda Investment Criteria Survey (approximately 3 minutes).
  • Companies Seeking Capital complete a Sploda Due Diligence Survey (approximately 30 minutes).

  • Sploda analyzes the diligence data for every investment opportunity using proprietary algorithms.

Sploda then generates a Diligence Summary Report including:

  • A snapshot of the investment opportunity
  • An overall Sploda Score
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Marketplace benchmarking
  • Business category scoring
  • Financial snapshot¬† (when financials are available)
  • Discounted cash flow statement (when financials are available)

When a Company’s diligence data matches an Investor’s desired criteria:

  • The matched Investor automatically receives a copy of the Company’s Sploda Diligence Summary.
  • The Investor receives the direct contact information for the Company.
  • The Company is automatically notified that an Investor match has been made.
  • The Company does not receive the Investor’s contact information.

It is up to the Investor to contact the Company directly  to continue their own diligence process.

Number of Company/Investor Matches Completed

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Number of Countries Serviced


Investor Assets Under Management

$40 Billion

Sploda Technologies Inc. is based in the vibrant, tech-hub city of Vancouver, Canada.

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