This is What We Do

Sploda connects Companies to Investors more efficiently and cheaply than any other service on earth.


Using proprietary software, Sploda automates the process of primary due diligence. Sploda ensures companies are matched with investors quickly and inexpensively.

For Companies:

  • Raising capital (debt or equity)
  • For sale
  • Who want to see how they score compared to their competitors

For Investors:

  • Seeking investment opportunities
  • Seeking companies to buy
  • Seeking syndicated investment opportunities

Number of Investor/Company Matches Completed Since May 2018:


Number of Countries Serviced By Sploda:
Investor Network Assets Under Management:
More than $22 Billion

The Goal:

Sploda’s goal is to become the global leader for efficiently connecting investors to investment opportunities.

Raise Faster. Invest Better.